31/07/2023  Recently contacted by Hagai Palevsky , who describes himself as (he/him)writer | critic | translator | proofreader , with a request for an interview which we did by way of emails.

His edited version of it is at  


He asked for a picture of myself and I sent the one used which may or may not be the “most recent” he asked for but I liked the way it makes me look like a second level mafiosi.

01/08/2023    It just clicked, The picture, taken by son Jonas Ranson, was on my birthday in June which explains the unaccustomed cigar,

Submitted by Jim Stafford on Mon, 2023-07-31 22:05


Fascinating interview Arthur, thank you for your detailed, candid answers. I enjoyed reading it thoroughly, wish you well, and thank you for the many stories you've had a hand in that have brought me pleasure over the years.

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