I was fortunate, Look-in a great comic to work for under Colin Shelbourn. 2000AD was good too but this more sociable and  fun. I was also younger.
My first job was Stewpot cover 1972. Still working as an illustrator at the time I did some more covers then volunteered to do Les Dawson's Superflop, passed the audition and stayed changing strips and styles for some ten years or so. Everything written by the amazing Angus Allan with the small exceptions of  The Potties which I had a hand in  and Jimminy Cricket which was all my own work.
Very little Look-in artwork came into my possession, Fate and IPC saw it scattered I know not where. My copies of the comic were lost in a house move. Some images here only as result of contributions from site visitors, for which my thanks.

Superflp - Les Dawson
Doctor on the Go Trying to be Harry North
Ken Goodwin. 19?? No story to this but a collection of jokes.
Just William
Bionic Woman
Bionic Woman artwork
Logan's Run
Logans Run
Wurzle Gummidge 1979
Worzel Gummidge.
Worzel Gummidge
Sapphire and Steel. 1980
Sapphire and Steel
Sapphire and Steel.
Writer Angus Allan that's who. He appeared as character in one Sapphire and Steel story.
The Further Adventures of OliverTwist. Original in colour.
Haircut 100.1983
The Further Adventures of OliverTwist.1980
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. 1981
Galaxy Rangers 1988
Galaxy Rangers 1987
Galaxy Rangers 1988
Elvis - the story. 1981
Elvis - the story.
Elvis - the story
The Beatles Story
The Beatles Story
The Beatles Story. 1981
Danger Mouse.
Danger Mouse. Scan from artwork
Danger Mouse. 1982-85. Don't know why editor Colin thought to ask me to draw this but I was glad he did. It was fun to do.
Robin of Sherwood
Inspector Gadget. c1986
Robin of Sherwood. 1984 - in this frame, apart from TV cast, are Errol Flynn, Douglas Fairbanks and Richard Green - all Robin Hoods in their time - plus Angus Allen and I.
Alias the Jester
Alias the Jester
Jimminy Cricket. What I wrote
Inspector Gadget
Duckula. 1988-89
Duckula. Scan from artwork.
First Look-in work. Ed `Stewpot` Stewart. 1972
Mark Bolan
John Travotla
Cover artwork
Jon Pertwee as Worzle Gummidge.
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Cover artwork
This taken from the internet, hence bit at the bottom
Cover artwork
Artwork and printed cover
Duckula. Had to invent new way to present `Goodnight out there whatever you are' for final frame each week, which I enjoyed doing.