23/08/2022 Just prior to the start of the Covid scare Dundee University took up my comic collection offer. Due to  the epidemic there was a long delay in organising the material. Now tis done.

Professor Christopher Murray is Chair of Comics Studies and Associate Dean for Knowledge Exchange and Partnerships at the School of Humanities, University of Dundee. and Director of the Scottish Centre for Comics Studies and Dundee Comics Creative Space.  

Dundee University and he have now made the comics and related publications available to students and to interested members of the public

Chris Murray wrote  “The materials sent by Arthur Ranson for the archive represents a significant resource for all comics students at the University. There are primary and secondary materials that will be of a great deal of use for students at various levels.

For example, students on the Level 4 module - EN41024 - British Comics Creators, will benefit from a wide range of comics and books in this collection that deal with British comics. The books on comics history will be particularly valuable here. 

One of the modules that will see the most direct benefit from the collection will be CG50002 - International Comics Cultures, which is offered across two semesters on the Comics Masters course. This module examines the international and transnational relationships between various comics cultures. As the collection has a wide variety of primary and secondary materials from various countries, including several foreign editions, so this will be extremely useful. 

I note that there are several comics that relate to comics and film, including Kinema Komics, which it is really great to have. This is a rarity and a gem. This will be useful for CG50009 - Comics and Film. 

 We have many more comics modules, and the diversity and range of the Ranson collection is such that I am sure it will be very useful for all of them. Of course, we also have several comics PhD students and having such a collection will be very useful to them too. 

 I look forward to directing our students towards the archives to check out all this material! “

In addition to students members of the public are also welcome to view the collection. They are open to everyone and free.

The titles in the collection can be seen here -

Library offer | Arthur Ranson

Library offer part 2 | Arthur Ranson

Library offer part 3 | Arthur Ranson

Library offer part 4 | Arthur Ranson


The lower portion of the top image is from Kinema Komics

The picture of Chris Murray is here because the world should be aware he is the kind of man liable to wear Hawaiian shirts to work.

All copyrights acknowledged

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