Sirius - Page 1

Sirius - Page 1

Thu, 2012-01-12 02:50


Arthur, these are amazing images, particularly the arrival scene at the bottom - as always it's your great attention to detail that makes the scene so believable!
Been a big fan of yours since your early Look-In days (the Superflop strip?) Arnaldo Putzu's covers were always flashy and exuberant but the assured precision of yours ( I remember the Bowie, Bolan and Tomorrow People ones in particular) were very appealing to my 8 year old eyes.
Many thanks for posting the Sirius strip, I, and I'm sure countless others, await the next instalments with bated breath. Oh, and great to see you embracing a new medium!
Kind Regards,
Andy Walker.

Hullo Andy,
thanks for that. Hope the wait for 'Page two' is not too long. Not having a deadline I find I am re-'drawing/painting' quite a lot. And still looking for a satifactory way to realise figures in this format that won't take forever.
Thanks again,

Thanks for the reply Arthur,
Don't feel rushed regarding those next pages (I'm sure you won't!) whenever they turn up they'll be most welcome and well worth the wait. Looking forward to seeing your figure work in this style, I've always regarded your ink linework pretty much unrivalled in the British comics scene, only John Bolton and Paul Crompton come close in my humble opinion.
All the Best,

Hullo Andy,
you're welcome.

And we're off! To a great start I might add. Can't wait to discover what's in store for us on planet Sirius.

Hullo Bheki,
I am curious about what is going to happen myself.

Great stuff Arthur - looking forward to more...

Hullo Nigel,
been busy making a few changes to what there is but there is more on the way.

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