On March 9th between 11.45 and 15.00 Michael Molcher - tall, slim, thick dark hair, black shirt, black trousers, black leather shoes, curled moustache, short pointed beard, expensive haircut. - interviewed and recorded me - tallish, not overweight, thinning white hair, dark grey sweatshirt, blue jeans, light grey Converse trainers, short, untrained beard and moustache, OAP special rate haircut - for the 2000AD podcast. In addition to a three-legged tubular shiny metal microphone and a black recorder with small red lights, Michael also had a A5 notebook with yellow pages in which were scattered notes and questions written in black felt tip pen. We sat in my home's bow window at an IKEA folding table, circa 1980, painted Light Apple. Michael was seated on a Victorian elm & beech kitchen chair, myself on a 1990's backless kneeling chair. Michael had tea, two cups, I had coffee, four or five, in thick white cups with matching saucer. Neither of us took sugar. With my coffee I had a medium size cognac in a short-stemmed wine glass. Michael declined the offer of the same. Within reach there were Walkers circular shortbread biscuits on a thick white plate. Some of these were eaten but I wasn't counting. The interview will be presented in two parts and serve as a basis for a discussion by the as yet un-named panel but no doubt consisting of some of comics most respected intellects. Names will be supplied when known. Since I am being talked about I will have to listen. You are not obliged to but if you are interested and have the time the first part of the broadcast should be going out on April 4th. People can tune in by searching for 'Thrill-Cast' on iTunes or searching for it on their favourite podcast app. It'll also be available direct through the 2000 AD website at http://2000ad.com/podcast April 4th, 6.15pm. Sorry. So far today, due to 'technical difficulties', no podcast as advertised. Hope it is nothing I said. April 4th, 10.36pm. It turned up. Just listened to it. I sound just like my Dad. Next episode I understand to be on Wednesday April 18th. Book now to avoid disappointment.

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