As part of the ongoing story of trying to get a comic book translated into movie form, John Wagner and I have now signed a contract that gives the option to do that to RINGTHEJING ENTERTAINMENT embodied in Roger Kass. He will act as producer. Producers, and I quote, select and bring together the key members of the movie making team, including Director, Cinematographer, Production Designer and key cast members. They raise the finance from a major studio or from independents. Producers also approve locations, studio hire, final script, production schedule and budget. Sounds like a terrible lot of work. Good luck with that. Roger Kass has previously been involved as producer or advisor in the making of TV and cinema films including 'The Crow', The Baseball Diaries', 'Peter and Vandy, 'Liberty Kid', 'American Masters', 'Edmond', 'Easy Riders, Raging Bulls', 'Chutney Popcorn', 'The House of the Devil', John Wagner's 'A History of Violence' and most recently the documentary 'Emptying the Skies'*, winner of this year’s Zelda Penzel Giving Voice to the Voiceless Award. I believe he is also good with children and likes to cook. *

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